Manipulators and feeders

Manipulators and feeders


3-axis manipulators offer a wide range of uses and are often used to load products in a predetermined place such a belt conveyor (e.g. plastic parts removed from a moulding injection machine), into special graphite screens (e.g. screws before being inserted into a hardening furnace), etc. Manipulators perform a translational motion in the X, Y and Z axes. The Y and Z axes are usually driven by DC motors with encoders, allowing custom positioning of these axes. Both axes also include one end sensor, which usually serves as a reference sensor for resetting the encoders.

Vibrating feeders

Vibrating feeders are used to automatically orient parts to a uniform position before their further processing. Based on the size and type of the part and the required stroke, the customer is provided with a design for a suitable type of feeder.


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